Neuroambassador Program

Program Director: Dr. Charlie Campbell
Associate Directors: Lindsay Strehle, Max Chou


  The Neuroambassador program was started to help create community within the Neuroscience community at The Ohio State University. The role primarily focuses on interacting with in-coming students during Summer Orientations, creating, organizing, and running events to foster community within the major (Pancake Breakfast, Annual Bonfire, Talent Show), and encouraging interaction in the major. One of my favorite parts of the program is getting to interact with the in-coming students, and being able to help them throughout the year. I try to get to know the students I work with rather well, so they know they can ask me anything they may need. I've been known to send long e-mails giving step-by-step instructions on how to get involved with research, how to make a four-year course plan, how to find off-campus housing, and Cognitive (Neuro)Science resources!

How I got involved...

  During my first day of orientation, I was a nervous wreck. I was an out-of-state student coming in with absolutely no knowledge of how college worked. We were required to go to a session on courses and how to enroll. With my lack of experience combined with incoming credit, I had absolutely no idea what to do. Luckily for me, the Neuroambassadors are there during this portion of the orientation, to help Neuroscience students pick the best schedule they can, and talk to someone that is currently going through the same process. I still remember the ambassador who helped me, and she still continued to be someone I would go to for help during my first two years of college. Her kindness and willingness to work with me left such a mark on me, and has always reminded me why I am involved with the program today.