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  My name is Ray, and I am a third-year undergraduate student at The Ohio State University! I am studying both Neuroscience and Linguistics, and since I have a cognitive/computational focus in both I will also be getting a minor in Computer and Information Sciences. My interest has always been in foreign languages growing up, specifically learning as many as possible. Since I’ve started college however, my passion for learning language has begun to tie into my interests in linguistics, psychology, and computer science. Linguistics captivated me as I was learning languages, and it made everything make so much more sense and gave a reason behind those pesky “irregulars.” As I got further into Neuroscience, I started to hear about the fascinating world of Cognitive Science, and once I was able to take my first class and attend a seminar in Cognitive Science, I was hooked. The more I learned about Cognitive Science, the more I started to realize this field of study combined everything I loved so much, and enabled me to start asking questions about the nature of how we learn, specifically how we learn language. Soon enough, I realized my childhood interest in computers was helping more and more as I got into my studies, and with great joy I found out I had enough time before graduation to add my Computer and Information Sciences minor. I truly feel like I have found the perfect blend of everything that interests me most. The work that I do and the things that I study are not just school and work anymore, they’re what I enjoy and do for fun.


Natural AND Programming!

Natural Programming

Relevant Coursework

LING 4100 Phonetics
LING 4200 Phonology
LING 4300 Syntax
LING 4400 Phonology
PSYCH 3701H Language and the Mind
PSYCH 5612 Cognitive Science
PSYCH 5614 Cognitive Neuroscience
PSYCH 5618 Computational Cog. Neuro.
CSE 1223 Intro to Java
CSE 2221 Software I
CSE 2123 Data Structures I
CSE 5052 Survey of A.I.
PSYCH 5700 Informal Science Outreach
PSYCH 2200 Data Analysis

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